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Voting Basics


• Register to vote when you apply for your driver’s license or contact your local elections office for a voter registration form.
• Fill out the form and mail it back
• You should get something in the mail saying you’re registered. If you do not, call the election’s office and find out why.
• Save the card from the election’s office; once registered, you will receive a sample ballot in the mail prior to the election


• Pay attention to news on TV, radio and newspapers, including campaign ads and debates
• Talk with friends about the election
• Figure out who and what you want to vote for


• Make sure you know where your polling place is
• Plan on a time for voting because there may be lines
• Bring ID and proof of address, if you can
• Sign in at the polling place and ask for help if you are not sure how to use the voting equipment
• Cast your vote!


• Follow the news and get involved in your community