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Volunteer Opportunities

PPCNJ Welcomes Volunteers

Volunteers play an integral role and make a valuable contribution to the high quality of services that we provide for patients and our communities. They need us and we need you.

Planned Parenthood of Central New Jersey values the commitment and the energy of volunteers who help us fulfill our mission. From high school students to senior citizens, a diverse group of volunteers
donates hundreds of hours each year and they make a difference.

Please click here to fill out an application!

Call (732) 842-9300 and ask for the PPCNJ Volunteer Coordinator

Some Reasons to Volunteer for PPCNJ
I get to work with strong women
I can put my filing skills to good use
Because a volunteer was once there for me
To be a role model for women young and old
Patients' smiles and stories
I believe in freedom and choice
If I don't who will?

Volunteer Opportunities

We offer many volunteer opportunities.
Volunteers are needed to:


  Assist the staff in the Health Centers by providing patient support, language translation or reception.
  Contribute to community education projects, the resource library or administrative tasks.
  Work on Projects or Special Events such as the annual campaign and health fairs.
  Help with Fundraising Activities.



  Help with legislative mailings and letter writing.
  Educate decision makers about the need for reproductive health care access.



  Help Planned Parenthood educators in their work with schools and community programs.
  Become a member of one of our local Teen Advisory Committees (an opportunity for teen volunteers), which provides staff with information on health care issues, marketing, and educational needs of teens.

PPCNJ offers a variety of opportunities for volunteers, depending on your skills, interest and availability. Click here to fill out our volunteer application. For more information call our Volunteer Coordinator at (732) 842-9300 or email us at



PPCNJ provides opportunities for students to learn more about Planned Parenthood and reproductive health through an internship program. Students work with PPCNJ staff on a variety of community education or advocacy projects.

Students who have excellent communications skills and a strong commitment to reproductive rights are encouraged to inquire about our internship program.

Call our Volunteer Coordinator at (732) 842-9300 or email