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List of Videos

Abortion Denied  20 min  VHS
Abortion: For Survival  30 min  VHS
Adoption is an Option  10 min  VHS
Becky Bell Story  30 min  VHS
Dear Dr. Spencer: Abortion In A Small Town    VHS
Choose To Education  11 min  VHS
Legislating a Tragedy     
No Single Answer: Effective Pregnancy Options Counseling  30 min  VHS
Personal Decisions  30 min  VHS
The Right to Choose  4 min  VHS
The Threat to Choice  14 min  VHS

Adolescent Pregnancy, Young People Speak  21 min  VHS
Chasin' Life: Teenage Pregnancy  13 min  VHS
Fathers Too Soon?    VHS
14th Place  26 min  VHS
Growing Up Young  22 min  16 mm
If You Want to Dance (revised)  15 min  VHS/16 mm
It Only Takes Once  18 min  VHS
Kayla's Story  28 min  VHS
Looking for Love, Teenage Parents    VHS
One Life to Live "Jessica's Story"    VHS
Phil Donahue Show Teenage Pregnancy April 9, 1991  60 min  VHS
Pregnant Teens: Taking Care  22 min  16 mm
Teenage Father  34 min  VHS
The Vital Link - Young Fathers - Teenage Love  13 min  VHS

Choosing to Wait: Sex and Teenagers  30 min  VHS
The Golden Rule Network Topic: Teen Stress  78 min  VHS
How Can I Tell If I Am In Love?  51 min  VHS
Know How  22 min  VHS
Let Me Know…What's Going On: My Body, My Self, My Life    VHS
Now We're Talkin' - Facts & Feelings About Teenage Sexuality  15 min  VHS
Saying No  17 min  16 mm
Sex: A Guide for the Young  18 min  VHS
Sex, Choices and You  18 min  VHS
Sexual Responsibility: It's a Two-Way Street Part I 13 min Part II 15 min    VHS
Swept Away is Not Okay  9 min  VHS
Teen Sex? It's OK To Say No Way  8 min  VHS
Teen Theatre Players    VHS

Abstinence…It's the Right Choice  22 min  VHS
A Guide to Patient Counseling & Insertion Techniques (Copper IUD)  15 min  VHS
Choosing a Birth Control Method - English & Spanish  16 min  VHS
Considering Your Options  23 min  VHS
Contraceptives-Eleccionde un Metodo Anticonceptivo (Spanish Version of Contraceptive Choices)  16 min  VHS
DMPA: A New Contraceptive Option - A Video for Clinicians  18 min  VHS
DMPA: Patient Counseling & Clinical Staff Procedure  15 min  VHS
The Female Condom is a Reality Learn About It  10 min  VHS
*The Female Condom Training Model  12 min  VHS
The Norplant System  13 min  VHS
R-E-S-P-E-C-T  10 min  VHS
Safe for Life  18 min  VHS
Vital Signs "It's Her Choice"    VHS

Breaking the Silence  54 min  VHS
Date Rape  20 min  VHS
Heart on a Chain: The Truth About Date Violence  15 min  VHS
It Ain't Love  15 min  VHS

A Nationwide Forum on Career Planning For Youth  120 min  VHS
Are You Ready?  30 min  VHS
Career Planning for Youth  1 hr. 57 min  VHS
Has Anybody Seen Phil? A Drama About Stress Among Teenagers  33 min  VHS
I Blew It: Learning From Failure  22 min  VHS
Not Me: A Drama About Crack Abuse Among Teenagers  40 min  VHS
Teenage Stress  78 min  VHS
What Makes Me Special?  14 min  VHS

Birth 8 Women's Stories  40 min  VHS
Fertilization and Birth    VHS
Labors of Love  30 min  VHS
Lamaze Lo Mejor Para Su Bebe    VHS
The Miracle of Life  60 min  VHS
Special Delivery Creating the Birth You Want For You and Your Baby  42 min  VHS
You and Your Baby    VHS

Amazing Talents of the Newborn    VHS
Babies Born Drunk    VHS
Back To Sleep Sudden Infant Death Syndrome  4 min  VHS
For Baby's Sake  24 min  VHS
Infant Feeding  27 min  VHS
Inside My Mom: March of Dimes, Preventing Birth Defects   9 min  VHS
Prenatal Care: The Early Months (2nd Ed.)  12 min  VHS

Am I Normal?  22 min  VHS
Human Growth IV  20 min  VHS
Kids to Kids: Talking About Puberty  25 min  VHS

Conflicts, Communication and Relationships  25 min  VHS
Desmond Morris: The Human Sexes; Language of the Sexes Part II    VHS
Learning Relationship Skills  37 min  VHS
When Relationships Break  30 min  VHS
Why Do People Quit Liking Each Other  13 min  VHS

All Women Have Periods    16 mm
A Decade of Decision  13 min  VHS
A Woman's Strength: What Osteoporosis Could Do For You  8 min  VHS
A Special Touch: Breast Self Exam (English and Spanish)  16 min  VHS
Breast Self Exam Techniques  10 min  VHS
The GYN Exam  10 min  VHS
Gynecologic Workshops Vaginal Hysterectomy    VHS
The Health of Minorities in New Jersey Part II  31 min  VHS
*Lifelines: A Guide to Life With Prostate Cancer  20 min  VHS
*Menopause & Good Health: A New Awareness    VHS
*Menopause & Good Health: A Continuous Process    VHS
*Menopause & Good Health: Taking Charge    VHS
Menopause: Modern Expectations  37 min  VHS
Testicular Self-Examination    16 mm
Things My Mother Never Told Me  13 min  VHS
*Where's Shirley?  10 min  VHS
Your Breast and Pelvic Exam  12 min  VHS

Against Her Will - Rape on Campus  50 min  VHS
Better Safe Than Sorry III  19 min  16 mm
Clinical Aspects of Domestic Violence for the Obstetrician/Gynecologist    VHS
Dating Violence - The Hidden Secret  25 min  VHS
Dear Diary    16 mm
Heart on a Chain: The Truth About Date Violence  15 min  VHS
No Means No!: Avoiding Date Abuse  19 min  VHS
No More Secrets    16 mm
Rape (various clips)    VHS
Strong Kids, Safe Kids  43 min  VHS
*Terrorism in the Home: Responding to the Victim of Domestic Violence  22 min  VHS
Violence in the Home: Living in Fear  30 min  VHS
Who Do You Tell?  11 min  16 mm

Out of Bounds: Teenage Sexual Harassment  19 min  VHS
Sexual Harassment 101 Part I Girls
Part II Boys 
13 min  VHS
Sexual Harassment: It's Hurting People  18 min  VHS

A Little Respect: Gay Men, Lesbians & Bisexuals on Campus  24 min  VHS
CBS News - 48 Hours - Gay Bashing  48 min  VHS
Ellen Comes OUT  60 min  VHS
Living Proof  20 min  VHS
On Being Gay  80 min  VHS
Safer Sex Shorts   25 min  VHS
Sexuality and Aging  58 min  VHS
What About McBride?  10 min  VHS
What If I'm Gay?  29 min  VHS

Becoming Orgasmic - A Sexual and Personal Growth Program for Women…And the Men who Love Them  83 min  VHS
Circles: Intimacy & Relationships  23 min  VHS
*Dream Worlds  60 min  VHS
SAFE: Stopping AIDS through Functional Education    VHS
Sex: A Guide for theYoung  18 min  VHS
Sex, Teens and Public Schools  57 min  VHS
Sex: A Topic for Conversation with Dr. Sol Gordon  25 min  VHS
Smart Sex - MTV  35 min  VHS
What Kids Want to Know About Sex and Growing Up    VHS
What Works: Sexuality Education    VHS

Programs for parents dealing with family communication about sexuality.
Bellybuttons Are Navels (Eng. & Span.)  12 min  VHS
Bodies, Birth and Babies  15 min  VHS
From the Crib to the Classroom  12 min  VHS
How to Be a Good Kid  17 min  VHS
If You Can Talk to Your Kids About Sex, You Can Talk to Them About Anything  30 min  VHS
Little Questions, Big Questions: FLE in Early Grades  25 min  VHS
Matthew Broderick's PSA's for National Family Sexuality Education Month    VHS
Read to Me  13 min  VHS
Self-Loving - Betty Dodson    VHS
Swoosie Kurtz (PSA's) Parent-Child Communication  1 min  VHS
*Talking About Sex - A Guide For Families  30 min  VHS
Walk With Me  28 min  16 mm

A Million Teenagers  23 min  16mm
The ABC's of STD's  17 min  VHS
AIDS: Changing the Rules (Eng./Span.)  25 min  VHS
Alicia (Spanish)  20 min  VHS
America Responds to AIDS  17 min  VHS
Are You With Me?  18 min  VHS
Be Proud! Be Responsible!  14 min  VHS
The Complete Guide to Safe Sex  87 min  VHS
Eating Defensively: Food Safety Advice for Persons with AIDS  15 min  VHS
Es Apropiado el AZT en Mia Caso? (Is AZT Appropriate in My Case?  35 min  VHS
Esto no me va a suceder a mi (Spanish It Won't Happen to Me)  13 min  VHS
Fighting for our Lives: Women Confronting AIDS  27 min  VHS
Heart of the Matter    VHS
Hepatitis B: The Vaccination Decision  14 min  VHS
HIV, Pregnancy and AZT: Your Health, Your Baby, Your Decision    VHS
I Have AIDS - A Teenage Story  28 min  VHS
Infertility: A Focus on Strategies for the Prevention & Treatment of Chlamydia    VHS
Infertility: Prevention/Treatment of Chlamydia    VHS
Is AZT Right for Me?  30 min  VHS
It Won't Happen to Me?  13 min  VHS
Latex and Lace  22 min  VHS
Let's Do Something Different  13 min  VHS
Living Life Well With Genital Herpes  22 min  VHS
Lo Que Hizo Ramon (What Ramon Did)  30 min  VHS
Making a Difference (Helping Patients Cope with Genital Herpes)  32 min  VHS
Needle Talk   27 min  VHS
No Rewind - Teenagers Speak Out on HIV/AIDS  23 min  VHS
Olga's Story (Spanish)  20 min  VHS
One Step at a Time - Telling the Truth About Chlamydia  30 min  VHS
Psychological Interventions in AIDS  25 min  VHS
Reunion (Aidsfilms)  25 min  VHS
*Risky Behavior "Lost Children of Rockdale Co."  12 min  VHS
*Risky Behavior: Prof Workshop    VHS
Safer Sex Counseling in Family Planning Clinics  32 min  VHS
Scenarios USA - The Monster Nightmare on AIDS Street  11 min  VHS
Seriously Fresh  22 min  VHS
Sex, Drugs and HIV  18 min  VHS
Sexually Transmitted Diseases: What You Should Know  25 min  VHS
The Subject is HIV  18 min  VHS
Teen AIDS - In Focus  27 min  VHS
Too Close For Comfort  27 min  VHS
Understanding AIDS: What Teens Need to Know  19 min  VHS
Understanding HIV: Does Teen America Know the Facts?  39 min  VHS
*Understanding PCP AIDS Pneumonia  15 min  VHS
Unique Medical and Social Problems Associated with HIV-Infected Women  70 min  VHS
VIDA-English/Spanish  19 min  VHS
Part I  43 min  VHS
Part II  27 min  VHS
Part III  44 min  VHS
Video Against AIDS  114 min  VHS
What Is AIDS?  15 min  VHS
What Now? Living With Genital Herpes  22 min  VHS
Women and AIDS  28 min  VHS
Womansource HIV    VHS
Young Adult Institute AIDS Training Tape    VHS

Feeling Good About Yourself  22 min  16 mm
Life Horizons I  22 min  Slides
Life Horizons II  22 min  Slides
Sexuality Education for Persons with Severe Developmental Disabilities    Slides
Speaking of Sex  20 min  VHS
Young Adult Institute AIDS Training Tape  60 min  VHS

Anorexia and Bulimia  30 min  VHS
Teenage Substance Abuse  92 min  VHS
The Choice is Yours  24 min  VHS
*Up in Smoke-The Extreme Dangers of Smoking  29 min  VHS

Short (3-5 minute films) designed to spark discussion by presenting the viewer with a problematic situation.
Male Involvement (Adolescent Parenting)     

Killing Us Softly  34 min  VHS
*Merchants of Cool Part A  60 min  VHS
Part B  15 min  VHS
Music Video Clips Sex & Media    VHS