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Join the Planned Parenthood Action Network

There is power in your voice. Use it!


Right now, your ability to make reproductive choices and get the full range of reproductive health care is not guaranteed and subject to political intervention. In fact, the current political climate puts reproductive health choices in jeopardy:

  There are proposed bills in the Legislature that could limit your ability to make reproductive health choices.
  There are laws that serve to limit the information you receive about those choices.
  Judicial appointments are being considered that could seriously impact reproductive choices for years to come.

The Planned Parenthood Action Network is an email network that will enable you to have your voice heard on these issues and other important policies.

As a member of the Action Network you will receive:

  Action alerts with the opportunity to automatically respond with a comment to your national or state legislators
  Periodic updates on what bills the U.S. Congress and the New Jersey Legislature are considering and descriptions of the effects that this legislation will have on your rights and your health
  Information on how to contact your legislators
  Sample letters to fax or email

You can help women and their families gain access to contraceptive coverage, protect reproductive rights, ensure access to services, and fight potentially dangerous state and federal policies. You have a lot at stake!

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