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Contraceptive Equity Fact Sheet

Contraceptive Equity

bullet For women, contraception is basic health care.
bullet Contraception should be covered by health insurance plans, just like any medication prescribed by a doctor.
bullet The public overwhelmingly supports contraceptive coverage. They understand it prevents unintended pregnancy and reduces the numbers of abortions.
bullet Women of reproductive age spend 68 percent more in out-of-pocket costs for health care than men, with much of the difference due to reproductive health care. It would cost employers less than two dollars a month to end this sex discrimination.
bullet America's 60 million women of childbearing age need roughly three decades of contraception. Eighty-five percent of those 60 million women have used oral contraceptives at some point in their lives.

Denial Clauses

(Sometimes called "conscience clauses")

bullet Nothing should come between a woman and her health care needs. A woman's right to birth control and her ability to have it covered by insurance should not be determined by the personal or religious views of her boss. We need to protect the rights of individuals over the views of institutions.

bullet Who do you want making your health care decisions--your or your employer? Women should be able to make their own decisions about contraception without their employer dictating what to do.
bullet Health care decisions should be guided by medicine--not controlled by religion. We believe deeply in religious freedom, but we cannot endorse loopholes that allow employers to deny women access to medical care, including birth control, because of their personal or religious views.
bullet Whose conscience should we be protecting--a woman's or her employer's? Whether or not a woman chooses to use birth control is a deeply personal matter. A "conscience" clause--better called a "denial" clause--will actually violate a woman's conscience by denying her coverage for birth control.