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Products and Resources

Planned Parenthood has the following teaching tools available for purchase and/or public use:

Contraception Teaching Kits

Cost: $85 for schools and non-profits + $10 shipping and handling

This kit is a great teaching tool for showing real examples of birth control methods.
A must-have for anyone who is teaching Sex Ed!

Contraception Kits include:
Condoms (male and female condoms)
Vaginal Contraceptive Film
Birth Control Pills
Ortho-Evra Patch
Nuva Ring
Depo-Provera Vial
IUD (Intra Uterine Device)
Emergency Contraception--Plan B
Pamphlets on Contraception
Planned Parenthood Service Card

To order the contraception kit, complete this form and mail to:
P.O. Box 95, 69 East Newman Springs Road, Shrewsbury, NJ 07702

Video Library Membership

Join Planned Parenthood's Video Library for access to the latest videos on sexuality topics!

Click here for a list of videos in our library.

Books/Resource Material

Access the latest research and information on sexuality and reproductive health topics from our 3 Resource Centers. Materials include: newspaper articles, medical journals, reports, books and magazines.
Discounted books, including the Robie Harris Collection, are available for purchase.

Click here for a catalogue of topics in our library.
Click here for a list of pamphlets in our library.
Click here for a list of journals in our library.

For more information about any of these services, please contact the Education Director by phone: (732) 842-9300 or email: